Water Aerobics


All water fitness classes are designed to be taught in shoulder to waist deep water. Classes are taught with modifications so they are for all fitness levels. Bring your suit and give water fitness a try, you’ll love it!

All water aerobics classes are FREE with your membership. Non-members can register for a class at $80.00 for an 8 week session.


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Aqua Zumba






A great non-impact or low impact workout. The exercises are designed to increase tone, flexibility, strength, and endurance.


Inches A Weigh


Come and join in on the fun as we take the inches off. Plus we will have special ways to support each other and a special recipe each week.


Rusty Hinges


This class is designed to tone, increase flexibility and increase cardiovascular endurance. This class can be used as therapy for those with mild to serious arthritis.