Group Exercise Classes


All Group Exercise Classes are FREE with your membership. Program Members can purchase a 10 punch pass for $30.00 that is good for any class.


Indoor cycling offers a high energy stationary
bike workout that enhances cardiovascular
endurance and builds muscular strength.
A combination of energizing music and unique
workouts give you a fun fitness challenge with
powerful results! Using the resistance on bike
wheels change the intensity of each workout
and drill allowing each individual to go at your
own pace. This 45 minute class is designed to
leave you breathless, drenched in sweat, and
hundreds of calories lighter!!

Cycle & Circuit

A workout that combines cycle sprints with endurance, circuits with kettlebells & medicine balls, strength circuits to tone the upper body. Each circuit lasts 5 minutes a piece on a rotation. A total endurance, strength, and stamina workout.


Yoga has been around for thousands of years and for good reason. Come experience Yoga and see the benefits of this ancient Hindu discipline first hand. 

Arthritis Exercise

Rita has been certified by the American Arthritis Foundation to teach this class. Come out and let Rita help you loosen up those stiff joints. 

Stretch and Flex

Stretch & Flex is meant to slow it down and focus on the inexperienced participant. Come out and see Rita. 



Latin inspired dance fitness fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms for a one of a kind fitness program.


Step & Circuit

Our instructors utilize circuits and step routines to have you sweating and breathing hard in no time.

Super Sculpt

This is a total body workout that will sculpt and tone your muscles while using the weight bar. Good for any fitness level!


Saturday Morning Fitness

This class will never be the same 2 weeks in a row. Zina will keep you guessing.


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