Y Extreme Fitness


Y Extreme Fitness keeps your body guessing by attacking a different muscle group every day. From burpees to squats, we do a large variety of exercises daily. Though we try and add variety and keep our workouts fresh, we do adhere to a basic structure.



Cardio with a hint of legs. Workouts may include anything from battle ropes to mountain climbers to jumping jacks, and don’t forget the squats.



Upper body, we use weights mostly and don’t focus on much else. There is very little cardio done today.



Back to cardio and mix in some abs. Anything goes, from russian twists to planks.



LEG DAY. The most important day of the week. Thursdays are mostly squats and lunges with minimal cardio.



Freestyle Friday, anything goes. Cardio, upper body, abs, a little bit of everything.

Randolph Area YMCA

1000 Kwix Road   Moberly, MO 65270

P 660 263 3600  F 660 263 7218

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