Swim Lessons

All classes are 30 min.

Max class size: 5

Duckling (6 mos to 3 yrs)

All classes are 30 min.


This is an introduction to the world of water for

infants/toddlers and their parents.  In this class

you, along with the teacher, will be

showing your child basic water skills

and safety.  You and your child will

gain skills and confidence while having

fun in the water, and with each other.


In this class students will get familiar with the water, as well as learning how to be safe.  The students will work on the most basic of swimming skills, so that later in higher levels they can put them together and learn to swim on their own.  This class is for students who have never taken any swim lessons or have had little to no experience in the water.  Before a child may join this class they must be potty trained and be able to hold onto the edge of the pool during the lesson.



In this class, students who are familiar with the water will work towards the goal of swimming independently without assistance from the instructor. 



In this class students will begin to perfect the main strokes, as well as building endurance.  They will also begin to learn more complicated skills and strokes.  The student must be able to swim half the length of the pool without assistance.



In this class swimmers will learn and perfect all 4 main competition strokes and turns while building endurance.  The student must be able to swim at least one length of the pool front crawl and at least one length of the pool back crawl.  They have to be able to do this without stopping or touching the bottom.  Also, they need to be able to tread water for 15 seconds and float on their front and back for 10 seconds.



If you are not sure which level your child fits into, ask the Swim Lesson Coordinator for assistance in determining the appropriate group for them. Your child may also be moved by an instructor on the first day to the proper group.



Private Lessons

All lessons are 30 min.

Any age.

This class is meant to be a one on one setting where focus is directly on the participant. Speak to the Swim Lesson Coordinator before registering to get approval and to check the availability of instructors. The participant and the assigned instructor will set up dates and times of lessons.



Swim Lesson Fees- Early Bird 
                     Member   Program Member

Duckling              $30            $45

Starfish               $30            $45

Jellyfish               $30            $45
Seahorse             $30            $45

Dolphin                $30            $45

Swim Lesson Fees- Regular Price 
                     Member   Program Member

Duckling              $35            $50

Starfish               $35            $50

Jellyfish               $35            $50
Seahorse             $35            $50

Dolphin                $35            $50



Swim Lesson Schedule

  • The four-week sessions meet twice a week on Monday/Wednesday

  • The eight-week sessions meet once a week on Saturday.


Check the YMCA for specific dates and times of upcoming lessons.



Important Notes…


  • Early registration is highly recommended as class sizes are limited. Secure your spot early to ensure the dates and times of your choosing.

  • Upon arrival, swimmers should not enter the water until they are with their assigned instructor.

  • After your child’s group lesson has ended, he/she will need to exit the pool as preparation for the next lesson will begin immediately.

Private Lessons - Package Rate

Three Sessions         $33

Six Sessions            $62
Nine Sessions           $88

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